2 actresses 25-35 needed for short film shot in Tipperary

Posted: 17/01/2019 , by Julien & Kerrie

Deadline: 25/01/2019

Role Information

Roles: Actor

Ages: Adults

Gender: Female

Fees: 50 per day

Location: Casting in Dublin. Shooting in Tipperare 2-3 days

Details of Role

Short Drama Film 2019

Contact: colopictures@gmail.com
Directors: Julien Celin & Kerrie Costello
Producer: John Breslin

Shoot days: 2.5 ‘Sarah’ (approximately) / 0.5 ‘Nina’ (Approximately)
Rate per shoot day : €50 (plus expenses). (This is a low budget, self funded film, with the crew going unpaid).

Shoot dates: TBC. March Weekend in Tipperary (Sarah). Nina’s role will be filmed in Dublin.

Audition date: 26 January 4pm-6:30pm.

Please email colopictures@gmail.com stating your name, contact details, character you wish to audition for, and availability to audition. Please include any relevant acting experience, showreel and headshot. Please send your interest before 22 January.

Film overview
Nina tells the story of Sarah as she returns to a holiday home after the death of her partner, Nina. At the house, Sarah tries to pack away their former lives so that she can move on, but her internal struggle comes to an emotional climax as she fails to cope. She finds some closure in the end via an old surprise from Nina.
During the film, it will be unclear to the viewer initially that Sarah is alone in the house. She will be returning to the abandoned house for ambiguous reasons. As a plot device an old video recording of Nina will be playing in the living room off screen, giving the viewer the impression that a second person is around and that Sarah is interacting with them off screen. Nina’s voice on the recordings & sound effects and will get increasingly glitchy to parallel Sarah’s rapidly declining composure, giving the audience a sense of unease. At the denouement, Sarah will collapse emotionally as the tape breaks and we see the frozen image of Nina on the TV screen.
The film will have minimal dialogue.

Character Profiles
‘Sarah’ (Lead role) Female, late 20s to mid 30s
Sarah was in a long term relationship with her partner Nina. After a short illness, Nina passed away. Now, just a couple of months later, Sarah has come back to their shared holiday home to pack away their belongings so she can sell the house.
Mature, pragmatic. Prone to worry.
She’s got a good job and studied well at college.
She sometimes finds it hard to laugh at herself. Nina would have been the one to settle Sarah’s nerves, to bring her out of a funk with a joke or something silly.
Sarah’s in mourning, she’s lost the love of her life. She was in mourning even before Nina’s death: from the time Nina’s illness worsened. Nina was the light of her life and she’s struggling to find a life without her and a way to remember Nina’s joy in her life.
Character Arc:
To take place over the course of one day.
Initially Sarah is closed up emotionally, her sole goal just to get through the task at hand: packing up the house. As the film progresses, cracks appear in her demeanour (which will be reflected tonally in the increasingly glitchy background tapes of Nina). Sarah becomes more and more on edge until she finally breaks down. At the films resolution, she discovers a message from Nina that allows her to gain some closure and move on.
*Sarah’s role involves minimal dialogue. There will be a few lines with Nina, and some lines to herself/exclamations, but largely the film is light in dialogue.

‘Nina’ (supporting role) Female, late 20s to mid 30s
In home recordings, Nina is joking around, talking to Sarah, trying to make Sarah laugh. These are happy snippets from their lives; holidays and mundane rainy days.
Warm with a big heart.
Good sense of humour. She’d be quick to joke if she saw anyone uneasy.
She adored Sarah. She would always try to put Sarah at ease and was affectionate in nature- small hugs or kisses instinctively without thinking twice. She found it really cute when Sarah would get stressed about inconsequential things.
She loved having friends over to her and Sarah’s place and hosting things. She loved cats.
She would sometimes find it hard to focus for long lengths of time, or get awkward if she had to talk about serious issues.
She wanted to avoid many issues surrounding her illness, and as a result, some questions were left unresolved when she died.
*(Nina will be seen in the film through home video tapes, and her voice recording on these tapes will almost speak to Sarah in the current day. Much of Nina’s acting will be off screen.)

How to apply

Company: Colo Pictures

Enquiries should be referred to: Julien & Kerrie

Email: colopictures@gmail.com